ABR Construction Handles Emergency Calls

Not that there’s ever a convenient time, but severe storms always seem to happen when it’s most inconvenient. One weekend in January, we got a Saturday call from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY that there had been severe damage at White Hall. Luckily, ABR Construction handles emergency calls and can help you get your business’s roof back in great working condition in a timely manner.

Once we received the call, we were on-site in less than 40 minutes. We were able to inspect the roof and had materials to temporarily waterproof the site delivered about an hour later. An hour and a half after that, the lift equipment and machinery needed for repairs was delivered. While we waited, we were able to start waterproofing.

The next day, we were on-site at 6:45 AM to start removing the damaged roof and get temporary roof framing and tarps installed. By Monday, we had additional lift equipment delivered to stabilize a damaged masonry wall. We were able to get the repair done quickly and efficiently to protect the college’s building.

As you can see, ABR Construction can mobilize quickly when the need arises. Our company cares about our clients and wants to be available for them any time, day or night, 24/7. We’re basically superheroes when it comes to commercial roofing. This particular property is a historic site and needed immediate protection, but we treat all of our jobs with the same care and attention.