Adding A New Roof

The roof on your business may be something that is often overlooked. Even though this area of a structure is paramount to its overall performance, there are times throughout the year that you may not give it as much attention as it deserves. In addition, you may also find yourself considering adding a new roof. At ABR Construction, our team of experts can help you both maintain and repair it so that you can have peace of mind.

One step that you may want to take before adding a new roof is considering putting more emphasis on regular maintenance. Doing so can help you circumvent costly repairs down the road due to the fact that you are well aware of smaller issues as they arise. By utilizing our Roof Asset Management Program, we can take preventive steps in order to keep your costs lower throughout the year.

What a Roof Asset Management Program entails is creating a four-step plan that will be specifically tailored to your business’ roof. Documenting its history, warranty, and other applicable details are all steps that we may take during this process. What this does is give us a way to understand how it has changed and what its baseline should be.

From there, we will create a proposal in order to provide the most specialized maintenance for your unique case. One notable aspect of our business is that we can either come twice a year to assess your roof or every other month, or at other intervals as requested. Our staff is here to partner with you and find the best method of maintenance prior to adding a new roof.

Wirth over 40 years of experience, we are also well-equipped to provide other services as well aside from maintenance. As you work with our company, you can rest assured that you will receive the best outcome as we are both members of the Kentucky Roofing Contractors Association and the National Roofing Contractors Association. Partnering with you in order to learn about your unique case and adhering to safety guidelines are paramount in everything we do, which is why adding a new roof will be a simple and straightforward process.

High Performance SBS and APP Modified Bitumen Roof Systems, Single Ply EPDM, TPO, and PVC Roof Systems, and Built-Up Roof Systems are just a few of the services we proudly offer. Additionally, we can also focus on low sloped roof systems to steep sloped standing seam metal roofs and wall panels. No matter what your business may need, we can help you mitigate and remedy any existing issues that you may be experiencing.

However, at certain times things may go unnoticed. In those cases, you may require emergency repairs. If you have found yourself in this predicament, we can also assist you with our emergency leak call response teams. As you can see, we can comprehensively work to help you upkeep your roof aside from simply adding a new roof entirely.

If you would like more information about adding a new roof, please reach out. We are located at 121 Crestview Ct, in Nicholasville, KY. Our phone number is 859-254-2866. As our service area includes Danville, Richmond, Mount Sterling, Georgetown, Hazard, Pikeville, Somerset, Liberty, and London, KY, we are confident that we can help you wherever you may be located. Contact us today to begin.