Assessing the Severe Weather Damage of Roofs

With all the rain and snow we’ve had lately, it’s important to think about how it’s affected your business. Many businessowners may only check their roof for damage after a storm with exceptionally heavy rain or hail. While checking your roof for damage after storms like this is a great thing to do to assure your roof is still in optimal working order, strong winds and thunderstorms are nothing to overlook. All types of weather can lead to roof issues, and to keep your roof is working order it is necessary to assess your roof every so often. At ABR Construction, we want you to know how and when to assess the severe weather damage of your roof, so you can keep your building in the best condition.

When to Check Your Roof

As mentioned, any type of harsh weather condition can lead to damage for your roof. Making it a priority to check your roof after severe storms with hail and heavy winds will save you a lot of money because you can catch any damage before it leads to a larger issue that affects other parts of your building. All storms are accompanied with a large influx of wind speeds. While the storm may not be anything out of the ordinary, these winds can cause immediate damage without your knowing. After any storm passes, check the entirety of your roof for signs of physical damage and let your insurance or repair company know immediately, so you don’t risk spending more money on bigger repairs.

How to Find Damage

After a storm, the first signs of damage may be easy to spot. If a tree has fallen on your building or some other large object has ended up displaced near your home, damage is likely. Check for cracks, misplaced metal, and the condition of the pipes and edges of your roof. You should also check your roof from the inside of your business. Look for any new signs of damage or new pooling water that could clue you in to damage. If you notice water stains in the corners of your walls near the roof, this could also be a sign of damage and leaks.

Roofing Repair Experts

If you notice damage to you roof after inspection or you don’t see any issues but believe a severe storm may have caused problems, calling an expert for an inspection is always the best option. At ABR Construction, proudly serving Danville, Richmond, Mount Sterling, Georgetown, Hazard, Pikeville, Somerset, Liberty, and London, we can perform a full roof inspection and prevent the possibility of having to pay for more costly repairs later. We also offer routine preventative maintenance plans, so you won’t have to check the roof yourself.

ABR Construction offers repair and maintenance services for commercial buildings. We will make sure your business is up and running again in as little time as possible after you’ve received damages from a storm. In addition to quickly repairing your roof with a temporary fix, we can determine the costs of more permanent repairs, so you are able to make the most cost-efficient choice for your business. If your business needs roof maintenance or roofing replacements, contact ABR Construction today.