Choose an Effective Site Development Team

When you look for a site development team, you want a one-stop shop you can count on. ABR Construction is proud to offer a variety of services for your industrial project needs, including total site development, clearing, earthwork, utilities and mass grading.

ABR Construction can take your projects from the very beginning to end, leaving you ready to begin the next stages of construction. With land surveyors on hand, we don’t have to worry about reaching out to a third party. We assure quality even from the first steps with careful land assessments that ensure a stable property for years to come.

You can be sure that your project gets off on the best start possible with our precision grading methods. This will ensure that your foundations are level and ready for building. Our site development plan includes altering the ground as fit for a stable foundation, including recompacting soil that’s too loose. We offer utility installation for any resources that you may need to institute for your project to be complete after you have completed your building project. It is highly important to think of the utilities necessary and create space for those before you begin building. We can help make sure that this process does not become a headache.

We also feature commercial excavation services because we understand just how important and complex the earth is in your building project. Our site development services feature erosion control so that your project gets off on the right foot without storm drainage problems later on. Excavation may also feature dredging, site preparation, grading, trenching, and digging. We make sure your construction site is up to standard at all times. We also ensure that your project follows strict guidelines lead by a team of professionals so that you get your project up and running as soon as possible.

Our team is well versed in helping others create the site of their dreams. With speed and precision, we can ensure that your project is done swiftly and correctly the first time. With over 40 years of problem-solving experience, we are confident in our team of professional surveyors, estimators, and project managers that provide essential guidance to make your plans a reality and stick to a quick and efficient schedule. ABR is a great option for effective foundation design and site development from plan to action. We provide the quality you deserve with infrastructure that stays up to standard and is sustainable. ABR is a complete package –a single stop for your commercial excavation needs.

We are locally owned and operated in Nicholasville, KY, making us a great choice for small commercial projects getting started. We are proud to service the surrounding near Lexington including Danville, Frankfort, Shelbyville, and Versailles areas as well. Contact us today and let’s work together to create a plan for you early landscape, excavation needs, and other site development needs.