Discover the Benefits of a Sheet Metal Roof

As we reach the end of the year, it’s time to reflect on this year’s business moves and what can be done to improve moving forward. While this typically includes regular business practices, the building where your business begins should also be high on your list of consideration. A sound structure creates the foundation for success, from the equipment inside, to the walls and roof that protect it. Roofing is a crucial aspect of any commercial structure but can easily get lost in the shuffle. Often, roofing is something you only notice once it’s too late, resulting in unexpected and costly repair expenses. Investing now in materials that will preserve the longevity of your roof will save you time and stress in the long run. Of these possible investments, a sheet metal roof is an easy choice with a considerable payoff. We at ABR Construction have over 40 years of experience working in the commercial roofing industry and possess a substantial expertise in sheet metal fabrication. Today, we want to help you to discover the benefits of a sheet metal roof for your commercial structure and go over a few good reasons why investing in one is worth your consideration.

Sheet metal roofs, by nature, require time and skill to design, which means we have to take your unique needs as a business into concern when creating a custom solution for you. Sheet metal fabrication is highly durable and built to order, compared to other roofs that use a more universal approach. This durability also translates to low maintenance, which means you won’t have to fuss with upkeep and can focus on the business practices that matter most to you.

When you choose a sheet metal roof, you can expect a host of benefits:

  • Longer life expectancy up to 40-70 years!
  • Improved energy efficiency thanks to the reflective nature of metal that keeps your building from overheating.
  • Added resistance against the weather —especially great in places like Kentucky where we see anything from heavy snowfall, to long stretches of rain, to high winds, and even hail.
  • Resistance against wear and tear, cracking, decay, rusting, and more!
  • Reduced weight without compromising on great protection.
  • A wide selection of style and color choices, so your business can look fantastic without worrying about its structure deteriorating.

Sheet metal roofs also feature easy installation. Our team at ABR Construction will handle all of your installation needs, making the decision to invest in a sheet metal roof even easier. We work with you at all stages of your project to ensure your needs are met and that what you’re investing in is the best course of action for your business or commercial structure. In addition to installation, we also offer regular upkeep and maintenance that can easily be assessed at any time through our patient portal.

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