What to Know About Flat Roof Leaks

Flat Roof Repairs at Danville Cinemas in Danville, Kentucky (KY)

This is a flat roof at Danville Cinemas in Danville, KY

In this article, ABR Construction—conveniently located in Nicholasville, Kentucky (KY)—are going to educate you on the intricacies of flat roofs, so that if your industrial or commercial building ever encounters a flat roof leak, you will be prepared to seek out the proper repairs. Contact us today!

“I hate flat roofs, there isn’t a flat roof that doesn’t leak!”

At ABR Construction we hear this comment all the time. The truth is, if properly installed and designed a flat roof can provide you years of service, some manufacturers are even providing warranties up to 30 years in duration. As a building owner there are steps that should be taken to ensure that you get the performance and service life out of your roof system. In this article ABR Construction, Inc. is going to review some of the decisions that you as a building owner need to consider when installing a new roof or maintaining an existing roof system.

Good Design

It all begins with good design. Although the term “flat roof” is most commonly used, most commercial roof systems have some slope designed into them. This is achieved by either sloping the structural deck or with a tapered insulation package. The roofs can sometimes appear flat because there can be as small as 1/8” per foot slope. This minimal slope still allows the roof to drain and not have ponding water. The National Roofing Contractors Association defines ponding water as “any water that remains on the roof longer than 48 hours after precipitation”. Ponding water is one of the leading causes of leaks on flat roof systems. There are also numerous types of roof systems to consider. Each building has unique issues that determine the type of system that should be installed. Some of these include building use, rooftop mechanical units, and discharge of contaminants (grease from restaurants, manufacturing processes, etc.). Making sure that you enlist a professional roofing contractor such as ABR Construction, Inc at the design phase can ensure the success of your next roofing project.

Certified Contractor

Whether it is a new roof system, repairs, or a maintenance program, selecting the correct contractor is the single most important decision you will make regarding the success of your roof system. A quality contractor like ABR Construction, Inc. invests heavily in training their employees not only in roofing installation techniques, but also in safety. Our technicians are in constant training to keep up to date with any industry or manufacturers design advances or changes. Some of the minimal requirements that you should look for in a contractor are:

  1. Insurance: Both Liability and Workman’s Compensation
  2. Certification: Certified by the Manufacturer of the roof system specified.
  3. Safety: Contractor has a written safety policy and enforces it to a minimum of OSHA standards.
  4. Member of Professional Industry Organization: NRCA, KRCA, etc.
  5. Professional References
  6. Established Company: Minimum 10 years.

Preventative Maintenance

Your roof is an asset, and the most cost effective way to maximize roof performance and increase its life cycle is a Roof Maintenance Program. ABR Construction, Inc.’s Service Department provides a Roof Maintenance Program that includes the following:

  1. Documentation: The existing roof history is documented, this includes the original roof specifications, warranty documents and any other roof related documents.
  2. Roof Survey: The initial roof survey provides the foundation for the Roof Maintenance Program. All aspects of the roofing system are inspected, any defects found are listed in the Roof Inspection & Condition Report along with photographs and a Roof Inspection Form for each roof area. The results of this survey will produce an estimate of the repairs needed initially to bring the roof system to a maintainable condition.
  3. ABR Roof Maintenance Program: Customer will be provided with a Roof Maintenance Program proposal. This proposal will provide the frequency and level of the Maintenance Program.
  4. Customer Portal: The customer is provided access to the ABR Construction, Inc.’s Customer Portal. This allows the customer to view all reports, invoices, work orders and roof related information on a web-based program.


No matter how much you prepare or plan, there are still times when emergency leak repairs are needed. There are numerous causes, severe storms, roof damage caused by others, neglect or sometimes just an old roof. It is important that you contact a professional roofing contractor like ABR Construction, Inc. to return you roof to a watertight condition as soon as possible. Waiting to repair your roof can lead to a more costly repair due to wet insulation and possibly structural issues.

ABR Construction

If you suspect a leak in your business’s flat roof, it is important that you call a professional because waiting to repair a leak in a flat roof can be a costly and detrimental error. Avoid all of these potential problems by contacting the roofing experts at ABR Construction today. Even if you don’t suspect a leak, save yourself some money on repairs in the future and schedule routine inspections of your flat roof.  Proudly serving Danville, Richmond, Mount Sterling, Georgetown, Hazard, Pikeville, Somerset, Liberty, and London, ABR Construction has been in the commercial roofing business for over 30 years. With our years of experience and customer-driven attitude, ABR Construction can guarantee your satisfaction with any of our commercial repair and roofing services.