The New Alltech Headquarters & Guardhouse

We have worked with a variety of clients in various industries, and we are happy to report on our next project. Our latest commercial roofing project is for the Alltech World Headquarters located in Nicholasville, KY.

Founded by Dr. Pearse Lyons in the 1970s, Alltech is built on “sustaining the planet and all things living on it.” The Alltech Global Headquarters is located here in Kentucky, with 31 production facilities worldwide. While Alltech has a small number of facilities, they have a large presence, operating in 128 countries.

The New Alltech Guardhouse in Nicholasville, Kentucky (KY)

This project consists two major parts. We are working with Alltech to provide a roof for both their new headquarters and their new guardhouse.

Construction Work on Commercial Roofs in Nicholasville, Kentucky (KY)

For the guardhouse we are working on the installation and fabrication of a Firestone 24 gage pre-finished steel snap lock metal roof system. Metal roofing systems allow for longer lasting quality and they are also more durable in withstanding harsh weather, such as hail, which we do sometimes get here in Central Kentucky. We are also installing gutters, downspouts and roof trims on the guardhouse to make sure that it is fully outfitted for any weather they may come once our work is finished.

Consruction Work on Commercial Roofs in Nicholasville, Kentucky (KY)

The Alltech New World Headquarters roof will be 30,000 square feet. We are using Firestone Building Products R-30 minimum insulation.  The roof system being installed is a .060 Invisaweld Thermoplastic (TPO) roof system from Firestone Building Products with a 20 year warranty.

Construction Worker on Commercial Roofs in Nicholasville, Kentucky (KY)

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Construction Work & Commercial Roofing in Nicholasville, Kentucky (KY)

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